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About our products

"...preferably both." - Jake Webb

How our products are made

Our products are traditionally hand turned and finished using a 7 stage sanding and finishing process. We use a variety of exotic and locally sourced lumber. Wherever possible we prefer to use locally sourced materials and are always interested in repurposing materials, on occasion felling trees ourselves or taking logs from local tree surgeons and arborists. Timber that would otherwise be tipped or burnt as firewood. The logs are prepared and then seasoned, a process taking upto six months. Once dried the final product is turned, sanded and finished as required.

If you are having to remove a favourite tree due to age or damage and would like to keep a momento of it, we can produce a suitable design to your preference and create a unique keepsake.


All our products can be supplied in a variety of finishes. We use only food safe products.

Shellac is a natural product which has been used for centuries to finish products and is still popular as a finish on childrens toys. It is commonly used in the food and pharmacutical industries. It can be buffed with beeswax to help maintain a glossy smooth finish.

Mineral oil finishes give a more natural matt finish to products. However they require occasional re-application to feed the wood. A variety of oils can be used such as nut and vegatable oil. However we prefer to use Mineral oil as nut oils in particular may cause allergic reactions in those sensitive to them. Any oil used in food preparation can be used to refresh the finish and is easly done at home.

Tung Oil gives a satin finish and offers a good water, Alchohol and Food mater resistance, is suitable for products that contact food. This oil is derived from a tree seed and should not affect people with nut allergies, but may affect people with tree seed allergies. If you are concerned that you may react to this product the our other finishes can be requested on new pieces.


All timbers will change colour over time and depending on the type, will generally darken. This is a natural process that can be slowed but not stopped by sealing the product.

Contacting us

If you are interested in any of our products, we can be contacted as below.


Telephone 0116 233 0533

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